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Achei um artigo falando sobre "journaling" e sua utilidade para o estresse.

What Is Journaling?:
Journaling is a term coined for the practice of keeping a diary or journal that explores thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of one’s life. Journaling, as a stress management and self-exploration tool, is not the same as simply recording the happenings in one’s life, like keeping a log. To be most helpful, one must write in detail about feelings and cognitions related to stressful events, as one would discuss topics in therapy.

What Are The Benefits of Journaling?:

Journaling allows people to clarify their thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge. It’s also a good problem-solving tool; oftentimes, one can hash out a problem and come up with solutions more easily on paper. Journaling about traumatic events helps one process them by fully exploring and releasing the emotions involved, and by engaging both hemispheres of the brain in the process, allowing the experience to become fully integrated in one’s mind.
As for the health benefits of journaling, they've been scientifically proven. Research shows the following:
·                  Journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma, arthritis, and other health conditions.
·                  It improves cognitive functioning.
·                  It strengthens the immune system, preventing a host of illnesses.
·                  It counteracts many of the negative effects of stress.

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